World of Subways Vol. 1 (The Path)

WoS1_021The “World of Subways Vol. 1 – The Path” is a metro simulator. This one are about the line that connects the states of New Jersey and New York. This line is about 50 km long and around 40% are above ground. It also includes other lines. All together includes the following routes: Newark – World Trade Center; Journal Square – 33 St.; Hoboken – World Trade Center and Hoboken – 33 St.

About the trains, this simulator includes 3 generations that circulate in this line: PA2R, PA3R and the PA4.

This simulator was made from TML-Studios and published by Aerosoft and requires around 2.5 GB of disk to run.

The installation runs very well without any problems and the manual provided is complete. It covers all items of this simulator including the signals, menus, history of the line and how to drive the train and do the shifts. This manual have 60 pages and includes English and German language.

The simulator that I tested and use also includes the expansion pack. This expansion brings 5 missions to this simulator and random incidents that you can turn on and off. All these to increase the challenge and the realism of this simulator.

The graphics, even for the today standards for this kind of simulator is very good. It has good textures and 3D models. The scenery looks real and the light effects and electricity flashed are impressive. The cab are in full 3D and all the levers and buttons are animated. Also exist multiple 2D windows with many info’s to help the driver in their shifts. Sad that the passengers models not correspond with the same quality. Their 3D model are a little dated and they only do pre-defined and random movements. They not enter and exit the train, you know about that change of passengers only with a number in a 2D window.

The animations of the train are very realistic and gives you a true feeling that you are in a real metro. You can see for example the doors open and close and the movement of the wipers that are useful when raining. The vibrations and the physics are very well made. If you not drive it correctly you can derail the train.

The sound are also very real and in high quality. All the systems have their own sound like the air conditioning and the doors. You can even listen and control the train announcements.
In this simulator you are not the train but the driver. So, when you arrive the terminal and needs to change the cab, you need to go out of the cab and walks freely to the next one. This feature is very good and increase the sensation that you are there and not in front of your pc.

The passenger volume depends on the schedule chosen. Every time you finish your driving the simulator shows a report with many items and a score. There you can see what goes well and wrong for potential future corrections.
All the keyboard commands are configurable and easy to use. Sadly this simulator not officially support the Raildriver controller.

Typical on many simulators that you need to transport passengers, on this one you also have the feeling of having a duty.

About performance, it runs very smoothly and without any problem in my PC (specs below) with all the setting at maximum.

Finally I would like to say that it’s a very easy to learn simulator and you will have pleasure using it, special if you like trains.

With a price of 19.95 € for the Vol. 1 (download version) and 12.95 € for the Expansion Pack, I recommend this simulator. It’s an excellent simulator and gives you an amazing experience and sensation of speed and duty. All train fans will like the World of Subways Vol.1.

You can find more details about this simulator here.

For the Expansion Pack more information here.

Intel i7 920 2.4GHz, 6GB RAM, ATI/AMD Radeon HD6970 2GB

TM Hotas Warthog, TM WCS, CH TQ, Track IR, Raildriver, Logitech G25

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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