Trainz Simulator 2019

Trainz is a famous train simulator series and the first version was released in 2001 by Auran. N3V Games is now the company that develop and publish this simulator and release the modern versions. Quite some time ago the last version was the Train A New Era (TANE) and after some years of developing the N3V Games released a new Trainz version, the Trainz Simulator 2019 (TRS19).

This simulator is very well established in the market and it includes many features that are unique and the best on the market comparing with other train simulators that exist for PC.

The TRS2019 is available for PC and Apple and the version reviewed was the Release Candidate version for PC.

After 12GB of download and installation, the TRS2019 guide you to some pre-configuration that you can in detail change later, to match better between your hardware specifications and TRS2019 settings for a better overall experience. When I first ran it, it was great to see that it, according with my Auran account, auto detect, download and install all my old “Trainz A New Era” DLC’s that I have associated to my account. If you only have the default TRS2019 and no more DLC’s, the installation is around 50GB.

The default TRS2019 includes 6 routes:

– Kickstarter County 2
– Canadian Rockies
– Sebino Lake (Italy)
– Niddertalbahn
– Cornish Mainline
– Edinburgh-Dundee

This selection of routes goes further than the classic and common themes presented in many train simulators like North American, UK and Germany. It includes the Italian Selino Lake scenery, a very beautiful and scenic route. Also important to mention that in the download station included with this simulator and in the N3V Games store, you can get many other routes from different countries that are not common to see in other train simulators.


As mentioned before, all your old DLC’s for TANE also works here and TRS2019 developers made all affords to this simulator be fully compatible with all your old contents. In fact one of the big success of the Trainz simulators is the unbelievable big community contents catalog that are available on the Trainz Download Station. Using the TRS2019 and the included editor, you can build all routes that you want and the download station includes thousands and thousands of assets to help you in such task. You can create complex routes in an easy way and hundreds of tutorial videos exist on the internet teaching how to do so.

The world editor in this train simulator is a great feature, because with it you can create your own route, reproducing what you want. You can create from a real route with hundreds of kilometers of tracks to a simple table diorama type of route, the limit is your imagination. Associated with the routes you can also create sessions that gives you objectives from simple tasks like drive from point A to B, to some complex jobs like switching in large yards or do cargo/passengers trips through multiple stations. The passengers are animated in many stations and the tiny details like some workers around, car and trucks moving gives you a very immersive feeling.


The routes have industries/facilities that produce and consume materials. So, using this train simulator you can, for example, load lumber from a lumber mill and unload that cargo in a warehouse or in a place where it is needed. Using this feature you can create plausible and realistic sessions.

This new Trainz was a great and positive surprise for me in many aspects, not only providing something better and new, but also have some features that improves the look of all your older contents and TANE DLC’s. The big feature that I’m talking about is the new render engine that provides a more realistic and rich environment illumination and physically based rendering. In the visuals department this new train simulator also includes a new technology, Nvidia Turf Effect that provides a way to spread grass and vegetation through your field in a more realistic way than the TANE. This new grass includes realistic sway from the wind.

Another surprise was the menus, now it is much more graphical and all using thumbnails that gives a more modern style interface and easy to use than older Trainz simulators.


The sound quality, textures and 3D model details of course depends of what you choose, because some community made contents in the download station are a bit dated, but what I tried and usually use, the TRS2019 default and premium DLC contents, the sound was very good and the models were very detailed. The textures of many locos was very realistic with photo realistic dirt and rust giving a look of being in front of a real loco and not in a plastic loco.

This TRS2019 as like the older Trainz versions also support multiplayer sessions were each user can drive one train on the same route collaborating between users.

Common to the last Trainz simulators, the TRS2019 also includes tutorials. These tutorial sessions in a very easy way and step by step introduce everything that any new Trainz user should know. It even includes a dedicated tutorial for steam locos.

New in this TRS2019 is also the new driver HUD, now it includes a track navigation profile of your route that gives a big help to predict what you will have in front, like a future red signal or a close climbing step and maybe the need to increase the throttle. Using this HUD you can also control your train in 2 different ways, arcade or realistic mode. With these ways of control it will pleasure newbies and hardcore train simulator users and very easily you can interchange between them. Of course you can also use the virtual controls directly on the 3D cab of your loco pressing the buttons and moving the control levers with the mouse. Another great feature is the full compatibility of TRS2019 with Raildriver hardware controller.


I was before a user of TANE and when I saw for the first time the announcement of TRS2019 I was excited to know that something better will arrive, but for me when I first tried the TRS2019 I was amazed and positively surprised because it included many improvements that I not expected before. I strongly recommend the TRS2019 to all train simulator lovers and to the Trainz current users, the upgrade is like obligatory. It isn’t “another” train simulator, it is a very good train simulator with a huge community and associated contents and with many unique features that you not see in other train simulators. I’m having a big time fun using it and big thanks to TRS2019 developers to put it compatible with old contents.

For more information and details about Trainz Simulator 2019, visit these 2 links:

Tércio Sampaio

Intel i7 920 2.7GHz, 12GB RAM, Nvidia GTX1060 6GB

TM Hotas Warthog, TM WCS, CH TQ, Track IR, Raildriver, Logitech G25

Windows 7 Ultimate x64