Preview – Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad – Preview

Il2BoS_46The 777 Studios and the 1C Game Studios joined to make what will be a future WW2 flight simulator. The new project is called Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

This new simulator mix the huge experience of WW2 flight simulators of 1C with the quality and acknowledge of 777 with their Rise of Flight engine. It’s better to think it more like an improved Rise of Flight in the WW2 theme than as another Il-2 simulator.

Today, for the premium founders, a new aircraft is available to test, the famous Messerschmitt Bf-109. The hangar has now two aircraft, the Bf-109 F-4 and the LaGG-3 (Series 29).

The Il-2 BoS (Battle of Stalingrad) is in alpha stage, but some features can already be tested. Of course many things need to be implemented and developed, like the other promised aircraft. The final list for the retail version are 10 aircraft: LaGG-3 (Series 29), Yak-1, Il-2 AM-38, Bf-109 F-4, Bf-109 G-2, Ju-87 D-3, He-111 H-6, Pe-2 (series 87 and 110), La5 and the Fw-190 A-3. The last two aircraft will not be unlocked in the game.

In future this simulator will include campaigns, multi-player and a mission editor. For now it only has some few missions for each aircraft to the alpha access users test them.

I already tested it and I can say that it’s very impressive. Since long time I was not so amazed with the immersion of a flight simulator. The physics, sound, graphics, animations and effects are well done and looks real.

This simulator is made with the collaboration of real WW2 pilots and the developers have access to recently declassified aircraft data. The developer’s team are making all the efforts to do the most real WW2 flight simulator to date. All aircraft has his own particularities and what you learn from one aircraft sometimes not fits on the other.

The flight model is very impressive. It’s well done, for example the ground handling and the spins recover is one of the best I saw in a simulator of this kind.

About systems implemented is another feature that developers are taking much care. Some features will be added later, but you need to fly it as a real pilot. For example, you will need to manage the throttle, mix, prop, turbo-charger gear, water and oil radiators shutters and the cowl shutters. Also, exist some help that can be turned on and off for a more relaxing experience.

In my PC, with all the settings at maximum, it runs smoothly and without any stutter.

It’s still in alpha, but from what we can see and test and adding the future releases, it has all the ingredients to be the best WW2 flight simulator ever made.

When more aircraft and new features will be added, we will make more previews covering the new additions.

For more information visit this site.

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